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Change is inevitable growth is not

Individual contractor consulting, M.E.P consulting, Mergers and acquisitions consulting, Private equity 

The M.E.P (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) market is underserved from a consulting perspective. Our industries are unique in their own ways so I started The Right Choice to provide a service that is unique and needed. I enjoy serving others and providing people the correct tools to make the best decisions.

With the right choice you can slingshot your team to the next step in growth. My intention is to provide you the needed perspective to make the right decisions for your organization. Within business and team leadership, we continuously have the responsibility to do what is right by the needs of the organization and our people. This is a very difficult balance as we continue to deal with the changes that we face. I want you to WIN and SUCCEED. Whether your organization is in acquisition mode, growing organically, or is stagnant, you have major decisions to make. I am able to come along side of you and your team to help guide you through the changes you need to make. 


I provide multiple consulting services. External marketplace analysis, Entire business unit audit, Mergers and Acquisitions business integrations, and general business and operational consulting.

Market analysis

Business unit audit

Team integrations

With the external market analysis, you will learn how you compare to your competitors when it comes to employee headcount, revenue per billable employee, available trade labor, and the strategy to build your talent pool. If you want to open a new location, you will learn the operational feasibility of taking that risk and gain knowledge of the underserved vertical markets where your business can scale.

Have silos unintentionally been created in your organization? Where are the strengths and weaknesses when it comes to talent and process? Is the pricing strategy appropriate to achieve the desired outcomes? Is your team fully engaged in the success of the whole? Do you know why culture is the way it is? Is there a business unit that has not made any money for a long period of time? Schedule an appointment to learn more.

You purchased a business unit or have been newly acquired.


M+A activity has really ramped up in the last 5 years inside the M.E.P industries. With the baby boomer generation wanting to move into retirement and not having a succession plan option they are comfortable with. The best thing is to sell. This is where the real work begins. How will accounts payable and receivables be done. The operations team and culture is always different than your own. How will they mesh together? How will the customer base and surrounding market react to the merger? There are a lot of questions to ask, and a plan has to be developed so everyone is successful. I am here to help guide your teams through this transition. Too much money and talent has been lost after the sale in so many acquisitions. You have a chance to make The Right Choice and make this a success. Every merger is unique, and it takes a unique and custom approach for each one in order for there to be success.


I am excited to start this process with you. Please book a complimentary zoom consultation so we can get started

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